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Climate stress testing is essential to assess your sensitivity to climate risk. At Probability, we recently started building a framework to do this. What are some of the challenges we encountered? A column by Emre Erkan & Svetlana Borovkova

LLM implementations are rapidly emerging in finance, but they are not perfect. How can you finetune your LLM address some of these challenges? A column by Svetlana Borovkova

Climate stress testing: increased regulatory pressure but challenges persist. What are good approaches and solutions that a financial institution can use? A column by Svetlana Borovkova.

In this paper, I give a bird’s-eye view of Large Language Models and outline the most significant issues related to their applications in financial services. I will discuss potential use cases, LLMs’ limitations, and the challenges associated with their applications. The objective is to provide the reader with understanding of various aspects of LLMs, placing them in the context of financial institutions. Additionally, I will discuss ways of implementing LLMs in finance-related areas, outline potential dangers and pitfalls, and explore emerging strategies of overcoming these challenges.

2024 promises to be an interesting year, especially for risk professionals. What are the main issues that will keep Chief Risk Officers of financial institutions awake at night?

Climate risk is not all doom and gloom: while climate change poses significant financial risks, it also opens up lucrative investment opportunities. Read Dr Svetlana Borovkova’s newest column in Financial Investigator where she discusses which types of companies can benefit from climate change and climate-related regulations.

Can we ensure fairness and explainability for AI and ML in insurance? Tools and techniques for ensuring explainable ML, bias measurement and mitigation.

Our rapidly changing world requires asset managers to keep pace with significant technological developments. Should institutional investors embrace tech, crypto, and digital assets? Svetlana Borovkova shares her insights on this topic in her latest column at Financial Investigator.

What are the trends and developments that are relevant in risk management this year? What will keep CRO’s awake at night in 2023? Svetlana Borovkova writes about this in her latest column in Financial Investigator: