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Our rapidly changing world requires asset managers to keep pace with significant technological developments. Should institutional investors embrace tech, crypto, and digital assets? Svetlana Borovkova shares her insights on this topic in her latest column at Financial Investigator.

How to deal with data breaches at subcontractors. Edward Roozenburg discusses the challenges and responsibilities.

How to keep your internal control framework lean. Some tips are provided in Edward Roozenburg’s column.

Criteria for deciding to staff risk management internally or externally, and one or more persons. Renze Munnik’s column provides an overview of pros and cons for each option.

Risk management and regulations are closely intertwined. Sometimes risk management improves with regulations. Sometimes regulations are just a burden. And sometimes regulations even hurt proper risk management. Right now, we need more common sense and less detailed rules.

What are the trends and developments that are relevant in risk management this year? What will keep CRO’s awake at night in 2023? Svetlana Borovkova writes about this in her latest column in Financial Investigator:

Het nieuwe pensioenstelsel zit eraan te komen. Maar er is vanuit verschillende hoeken nog de nodige discussie en kritiek. Is er een goede risico-opinie gemaakt over het nieuwe stelsel? En wat zou er in zo’n opinie terug moeten komen? Pim Poppe gaat hierop in in zijn column bij Financial Investigator.

Renze Munnik’s column in the Financial Investigator is about intrinsic risk management, the free market, and government interventions in the financial sector.

Renze Munnik’s column in the Financial Investigator is about the rise of cyber risk and the urgency to take precautionary measures.

At RiskMinds 2021, three important themes were discussed: climate risk, credit risk and market risk. Furthermore, CROs worry about cybersecurity and operational risk.