Ronald Sijsenaar



Strategic & (Non-) Financial Risk Management, ERB


Asset Management & Pensions
Ronald Sijsenaar

Ronald is responsible for pensions and asset management. He has held various (integrated) risk management positions at pension funds and pension administrators as a key function holder and/or fulfiller. Before that, he was a business manager at APG Asset Management for several years and the head of risk management at APG Asset Management New York. Ronald has experience with integrated risk management, non-financial risk management, operational due diligence, and financial risk management.

“Over the past 15 years, I have seen the role of the risk manager change from a risk ‘controller’ to a professional who is expected to oversee the entire spectrum of risk management, maintain good relationships with internal and external regulators, outsourcing partners, and make a valuable contribution to the honest and controlled management of a pension fund. Most funds struggle with recruiting sufficiently broadly experienced risk managers. I think that Probability & Partners has an interesting proposition for its clients by making experienced risk capacity available. I am happy to contribute to the well-controlled management of a pension fund.”