Marta Świderska


Marta earned a Double Degree in Mathematics and Economics (BSc) from the University of Warsaw. She honed her problem-solving and time management skills and gained experience working with programming languages like Python, R, SQL, VBA, and MATLAB. Her Bachelor’s thesis examined actuarial risk using the Credibility Theory and London Chain method.

Marta’s Master’s program in “Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance” at the University of Amsterdam provides her with advanced training in the intersection of mathematics, economics, and finance. She is gaining an in-depth understanding of key concepts such as market and credit risk, derivatives, and other related topics.

As a thesis intern at Probability & Partners, Marta is researching stress scenarios for backwards and forwards-looking interest rate models and the impact of calibration on different time periods and currencies.

Marta is a highly motivated, organized, and skilled individual with a strong mathematical and economic background. She has a unique ability to approach problems from a quantitative and economic perspective, making her an asset to any team. Her teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills, combined with her passion for her work and commitment to excellence, ensure that she will continue to make valuable contributions in her career.

Marta Świderska