Manos Ieronymakis

Quantitative Consultant

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Applied and Theoretical Mathematics and is currently studying for his Master’s degree in Data Science at the European Leadership University.

During his Bachelor’s degree, Manos attended two entrepreneurship courses, which helped him build an olive oil company in his hometown in Greece. As a business owner, he learned how to interact with people on a business level, collaborate and solve business problems. After a year of trading his product (olive oil) locally, he expanded his business to the European market, which sparked his interest in working and living abroad. In his free time he delved deeper into the study of trading assets and commodities, and developed strategies in the stock market.

Manos is always interested in new projects beyond his area of expertise, and he is motivated to learn continuously. By joining Probability & Partners, he expects to gain further experience in risk management and come closer to modern business problems and solutions.

Manos Leronymakis