Kevin Rojer

Quantitative Consultant


AI & Machine Learning



I am Kevin Rojer, the Service Line Lead for Risk & Financial Systems Transformation at Probability & Partners. My expertise lies at the intersection of AI, finance, and software development, where I leverage advanced technologies to innovate within the financial sector. With a comprehensive background in AI, deep knowledge of financial principles, and extensive experience in software development, I specialize in creating sophisticated risk models and software solutions that address complex challenges faced by financial institutions.

With a master’s degree in Business Analytics specializing in financial risk management, I have cultivated a robust skill set complemented by expertise in programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, R, and SQL. This distinctive blend of proficiencies empowers me to design and implement regulatory-compliant software solutions that meet strategic business objectives.

I am committed to continuous learning and staying ahead of industry advancements, ensuring the solutions I provide are both innovative and effective. My approach is collaborative, focusing on delivering tangible value to clients by enhancing efficiency and navigating the financial landscape with strategic anticipation.

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