Jeroen Crommelin

Senior Risk Management Consultant


Financial & Non-Financial Risk management


Jeroen Crommelin

Highly driven and experienced risk professional with nearly 20 years of experience from all different angles in the financial services industry. I have worked for a top consulting firm in Europe and the US, as well as for the supervisory authority in the Netherlands, and as a senior risk manager for one of the top 5 pension funds in the Netherlands. I currently work as a trusted risk advisor to the CRO for several pension funds.

As a consultant, I like to emphasize and focus on the client’s point of view and the best way to present them with all relevant risk input to improve the decision-making process. A key factor for me is translating complex subject matter into comprehensible information for everyone involved in this process.

During my career, I have invested continuously in my personal development in areas like risk management, actuarial science, regulatory compliance, pensions, privacy legislation (GDPR), and several trainings in further developing soft skills. I am analytical, results-oriented, a team player, and can quickly settle in new environments. I have a curious personality and am always open to broadening my horizon culturally and internationally.