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Jan Visee

Jan has more than 20 years of working experience in the Dutch asset management sector. Before joining Probability & Partners, Jan worked for a.s.r. Vermogens Beheer, Actiam, ASN Beleggingsinstellingen, Kempen Capital Management, NN Investment Partners, PGGM, Aegon Asset  Management, ABN Amro Asset Managment and ING Investment Management. Jan entered the asset management industry as a freelance IT consultant, solving complex IT challenges on trading-, data management-, risk management- and performance measurement systems.

Jan has gained in-depth knowledge of risk management and performance measurement in several regulatory- and licensing frameworks. Before joining Probability and Partners, Jan was responsible at a.s.r. Vermogensbeheer for advice and hands-on team support in the context of performance measurement. At Actiam, Jan was head of the second-line risk management function responsible for the control of enterprise -, investment- and operational risks within the AIFMD Licence. Jan conducted several roles, such as team manager, risk manager, performance analyst, business consultant, and system developer. 

Jan enjoys helping organizations solve challenging problems in the fields of risk management, performance measurement, and process control to ensure quality control of investment services and products. He has a solid technical background in statistics, mathematics, and software development. Jan is a friendly and open communicator who likes supporting and educating others with a clear focus on delivery.