Fatma Aliyeva

Asset Management Trainee

Fatma Aliyeva completed her bachelor’s degree in Economics at The Academy of Public Administration in Baku, Azerbaijan and then pursued a master’s degree in Corporate Finance and Investment at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. During her studies, she gained valuable knowledge in business valuation, derivatives, and risk management.

Her thesis work focused on investigating the rationality of implementing a Core-Satellite strategy for providing excess returns while limiting downside risk. The objective of her research was to find an effective compromise for small investors who were seeking to achieve excess returns, often referred to as “alpha.”

Before joining Probability & Partners, Fatma worked for Citibank Europe as a valuation analyst where she gained in-depth knowledge of derivative and rates pricing models, performed inventory controlling, and identified pricing issues and control deficiencies.

Fatma enjoys studying challenging subjects and exploring innovative topics, and she likes to engage in conversations and to discuss though-provoking matters. Her studies and experience provided her with solid background in finance and accounting.

Fatma Aliyeva