Trends & Risk management

In a world where risk management has become so broad and at the same time so specialist, for many organizations it is impossible to organize all knowledge in-house. Read the interview in the newest edition of the Financial Investigator with our managing partner, Pim Poppe. This article touches upon contemporary questions and trends, such as:

  • Clashing of change capacity with complexity
  • Good cost savings and wise investments
  • Optimal combination of the first, second, and third line
  • Trends from expensive Apha to cheap Beta in asset management
  • If all risks are excluded, the business risk increases

Rapid developments

In the cover story with Pim Poppe, the founder of Probability & Partners, about the rapid developments around risk management various topics were discussed. Such as corporate social responsibility: ‘clients struggle with this topic: what is the best way to reach goals, what are the costs, and how can we manage it?’.

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