The deadline for the design of key functions is on May 1, do you still have questions or uncertainties?

Do you still have questions about the design of the key functions?

Are you unsure about the status of the DNB regulations and what they mean for you?

Do you still need to establish your design? Or have you chosen for your design that you would rather not proceed with?

We are happy to give you more information and to look for solutions with you.


We have noticed there are still lots of questions about the design of the key functions that are prescribed by the DNB. Part of the questions are based on the legislation, but most questions come from the guidelines that the DNB communicated.

In that area, a lot has happened lately. For example, the Pensioenfederatie and the DNB went into a dialogue about this topic. This lead to necessary new insights for pension funds. Pension funds found out that they were following certain restrictions which turned out to be unnecessary. But what does that mean for your fund?

Non-binding (video) call

We were planning to host a seminar about this topic.

In that seminar, we aimed to explain the legislation and guidelines from the DNB. Apart from that, we wanted to enter the dialogue to see which specific questions the pension funds had.

Due to the recent developments around the coronavirus and the restrictions, we have decided to cancel the seminar. Now is not the moment to be with many people in a room.

In a few months however – if it is possible to host the seminar then – it will be too late for this topic. At that moment, the design should be submitted and the key function holders are chosen already.

Therefore, we offer you a non-binding conversation about this topic.

With the measures currently in force, it cannot happen at the office. However, video conferencing is possible. In case you are interested, please contact one of our consultants.