The quality of IT and information security control is of great importance to pension funds and this will only continue to increase. DNB has had this in mind for years and is increasingly focusing on it in its supervisory agenda.

In the previous years, there was a trend ongoing around digitalization and new ways of working. Forced by the regulations and restrictions in response to the coronavirus, these developments gained momentum.

The impact of the coronavirus on our society will be big. We are now in the middle of the crisis and risk management is a crucial part of that. Not only board-related but also operational and financial aspects ask for attention.

We organized a roundtable on ESG investing. The event has demonstrated that the topic of sustainable investing is gaining more importance, both in the investment management and regulatory communities. Nevertheless, there are still many issues to be resolved: from harmonizing ESG data to benchmarking and standardizing the ESG quantification to increasing the awareness of individual investors about sustainable investments.

This white paper addresses the topical issue of inflation risk in the pension sector and outlines how inflation risk should be incorporated into the current risk models.

This white paper addresses the consequences of IORP II. There are no consequences for pillar 1 and for pillar 3 it is limited. The consequences for pillar 2 can be subdivided into three themes: governance and key functions, reward policy, and self-risk assessment.