We are excited to introduce Yusi. With over a decade of experience in the financial sector, Yusi is prepared to lead our regulatory service line, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

The AI revolution introduces significant new risks around model use centered around interpretability, biases, stability, lack of supervision and inaccurate training sets. How can you update your model risk framework to adequately deal with these risks?

Discover how to integrate generative AI in finance and risk management, enhancing efficiency across the AI maturity curve. Ideal for professionals at all levels.

Climate stress testing is essential to assess your sensitivity to climate risk. At Probability, we recently started building a framework to do this. What are some of the challenges we encountered? A column by Emre Erkan & Svetlana Borovkova

Join our exclusive webinar on the development of a climate risk stress testing framework, designed for banks and applicable to other financial sectors.

Join our exclusive webinar on developing AI solutions with Generative AI technologies, including Large Language Models (LLMs).

Explore the transformative potential of AI and LLMs in risk management with our webinar ‘AI Prompting for Risk Managers’ on April 26, 10AM.

LLM implementations are rapidly emerging in finance, but they are not perfect. How can you finetune your LLM address some of these challenges? A column by Svetlana Borovkova

De transitie naar de Wtp is een complexe route met veel keuzemogelijkheden, maar hoe bepaal je als pensioenfonds of het evenwichtig is?

The end of the recent period of interest rate volatility begs the question: are Solvency II shocks still adequate?